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“The farce is all publicity is good publicity; nothing can be farther from the truth. Bad publicity can ruin your brand and adversely affect your bottomline very quickly” -Olakunle Lawrence




Your Company’s image, perception and brand are intricately interwoven and they should be jealously guarded. These have taken years, and in some cases decades to hone and perfect. We live in a digital era where negative publicity and bad news travels like wildfire, giving you little to no time to react. We are crisis managers. We help respond to these unfortunate incidents in a way that reassures your customers, shareholders and the public. Emphasizing that this is an isolated incident and not a reflection of a systemic company wide culture. We get in front of the story quick and address it head on without letting the media seize on, or shape the narrative.




“There Is No Substitute For Embracing A Wholesome Lifestyle, One That Balances Work, Healthy Living And Adequate Rest” – Olakunle Lawrence




The productive individual must strive to strike that balance between work, healthy living and rejuvenation. Studies have shown that employers who encourage their employees to embrace this lifestyle, reap the benefits of a more productive workforce. One that can add millions of dollars in the long term to their company’s bottom-line based on increased produtivity. We work with companies, to help their staff achieve a well rounded and balanced lifestyle. Investing in them is directly linked to a happier, healthier and more productive workplace. We tailor a customized set of options that help the individual become that well rounded and more productive person.